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Here at Crafter's Edge, we create quality products for our community. From delicious baked goods to carefully created art pieces, our products will leave you astonished that our 8th grade students are so incredibly talented. All throughout the school year, we plan and organize events for our school and our small town community.  


Located at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier,  we are an eighth grade run business  providing fun events involving theater, fairs, and dances. We also sell wood worked items, crafts and art pieces, along with baked goods.


Executive Board


Anika Turcotte
Diya Kulkarni

Anika Turcotte is a co-president of the Crafter’s Edge program. She is 14 years old and has experience in a leadership role an example being the schools Student Ambassadors. Anika's goals for this year include making this the most successful year yet, making money for the business, and upholding the reputation that the former Crafter’s Edge presidents have created over the last 37 years.

Diya Kulkarni is a co-president of the Crafter’s Edge program. She is 14 years old. She is suited for the role as co-president because she is a responsible leader that works well with others. She wanted this role because she wanted to make sure that the company ran smoothly. Some of her goals for the Crafter’s Edge company are to make over 750 dollars and for everyone to work well together and fulfill their roles. When asked if this job as co-president will prepare her for a later job in leadership she said, “Yes. It gives me an opportunity to represent a student run company, and to help create an environment for all students to succeed.”

Vice Presidents
Zoe Plummer-Tripp
Emmett Jarvis

Financial Managers

Meg Voisin
Pasquale LaRosa
Steven Supan
Kathryn McCall


Izzy Shrout

Rose Brassard


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